Julian Lamprecht was born in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada.  As an only child, Julian relied on his powerful imagination to keep himself entertained.  It was this that inspired him to write and produce videos.

Julian has collaborated with friends to produce news and magazine shows during his college years.  He has done several different roles from producing, to video switching, to news anchor.  He also has over three years of experience editing in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.

After college and a degree in Broadcast Journalism, he headed to Australia's Gold Coast for 3 semesters at Griffith University and graduated with a BA in Communication. He majored in Media and Journalism and excelled in script-writing courses.

Early on in his freelancing activities as videographer, Julian independently produced his own environmental documentary for a Canadian non-profit organization.  He has spent several months working in the production studio at Rogers TV in Guelph, where he took on various roles from setting up the studio, operating cameras, switchboards, and inputting graphics. In addition, Julian voices commercials at the local radio station of his hometown and produces music videos for their website and social networks. With his upgraded skills and video equipment, he now produces professional videos for the travel and air transport industry, as well as music videos and other projects.  

In his spare time, Julian enjoys skiing in the winter.  He also participated in Ninjutsu martial arts training for two years and took courses in golfing and tennis.

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