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Internet Use Overtakes TV in Canada

By Julian Lamprecht


For the first time in history, Canadians are spending more time surfing the web than watching television, according to a survey conducted by the Ipsos Reid polling firm last fall.


The survey says that Canadians are spending more than 18 hours a week online, compared with 16.9 hours watching television.


“In previous years we’ve seen significant differences between the generations and the amount of time they spend online...It's a lifeline, a tether for your life. You're using it a lot more frequently than a lot of other things right now.” associate vice-president Mark Laver said in a press release.


The survey also found that the age gap in Internet usage is narrowing. On average, 18-34 year olds are spending 20 hours a week online, compared with 18 hours for those over the age of 35. Males spend significantly more time online than females.


Television however still has a wide age gap with Canadian adults 55 and over watching 20 hours per week compared with 5 hours for people aged 35-54 and 13 hours for those aged 18-34.


"It's not like TV is going to disappear in the next few years," a journalism professor at the University of British Columbia told the Montreal Gazette. "Television is incredibly powerful, but perhaps what we're going to have is more of the divided attention."


Internet properties such as Pure Pwnage are still banking on television as a profitable venue. Only time will tell how much longer television will survive in its current state.


Vancouver 2010 Olympic Highlights

By Julian Lamprecht


Germany is leading so far in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games with the most medals overall: three gold, four silver, and two bronze making for a total of 9. Canada is ranking fourth on their home turf with two gold medals both from skiing events, as well as two silver and one bronze for a total of five medals.  Although we’re not first, we are still doing very well overall.


Canada earned their first gold medal through Alexandre Bilodeau's victory during the moguls event this past Sunday on three hours of sleep.  This gold medal also happens to be the first gold ever to be won on Canadian soil, instantly making Bilodeau skyrocket to stardom.


Clearly recovered after her accident four years ago at the Turin Olympics, Maelle Ricker dominated the finals in Women’s Snowboard Cross and took home the second gold medal on Tuesday. On the opposite end of the spectrum, American snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis gave a disappointing performance in the semifinals, losing her balance after the first jump and was disqualified after crashing through a gate, nearly hitting Ricker on the way down.  After coming just short of the gold at the Turin Olympics, this is yet another snag in the boarder’s career.


Calgary’s Cheryl Bernard edged out the win for Canada in curling early Wednesday.  The game was very much down to the wire, as Bernard had to make her last shot perfect in order to beat team Japan.  In an interview with CTV, Bernard says her team did not do as well as she hoped despite their victory, but hopes to improve as the games continue.


Canada also raked in another victory when they crushed Norway 8-0 in men’s ice hockey. Canada will be facing off against Sweden this Wednesday.


The halfpipe event takes place this Wednesday and Shaun White is the one that everyone is talking about. 


Now bets are being placed on Canadian Denny Morrison and American Shani Davis. Morrison and Davis are friends and used to train together. We will continue to keep you updated with the latest happenings on the west coast.  Check out CTV’s Olympic website to see the latest medal counts.